With a basic 3D packshot “still” (a fixed image), you can show your product from a pre-defined angle. For example, straight-on, according to the GS1 guidelines. But why not opt for an additional second or third angle view! In this way it is easier to show what the packaging really looks like and to communicate important product information. PackshotCreators creates 3D packshots from every possible viewing angle.


The beauty of 3D packshots is that you can show your product from every possible angle. In particular, when you rotate the packshot, the 3D aspect really stands out. A rotating packshot is much more eye-catching than a still image. Your product comes to life. PackshotCreators brings your product to life.


You can place 3D packshots together in every way possible to get exactly the composition you need. By 'rendering' the composition as a whole, a beautiful, realistic final image is created. PackshotCreators - always the exact composition for your vision.

packshot plus
packshot plus

In Packshot Plus we can remove one or more artwork elements from the packaging design and put them in the foreground. This way you can draw extra attention to certain features of your product. Suppose your artwork for a bottle of men's perfume has a water splash. Make the water splash pop out of the packshot for extra emphasis and a playful effect (‘look how fresh our perfume is’). Put certain product features in the spotlight with a Packshot Plus.


3D packshots are also perfect for creating animated images, such as packshots with moving elements or even a mini-animation. We animate various artwork elements from the design in the packshot. With an animated image you attract even more attention for your product. Very useful for advertising campaigns or the narrowcasting screens in your stores. Quickly and easily create a mini-campaign for your product with PackshotCreators.

hero images
hero images

Hero Images or MRHI (Mobile Ready Hero Images) are 3D packshots that are specially developed to use in e-commerce. When shopping online, important information is quickly lost on the consumer due to the small size of the images. Especially on the mobile. In a Hero Image we remove a few details from the design - which are often difficult to see in small format anyway. This creates more space for displaying important information, such as the brand or product name, variant and content, in a larger format. We of course always make sure we don’t affect the design in any way. Clearly communicate the most important product information - also in your webshop.