3D packshots

Let your product shine online with our 3D packshots.

PackshotCreators makes the finest digital 3D images of your packages. We don’t photograph the package but instead we bring your product to life with a CGI (Computer Generated Image). We do this by combining a specially made wire frame with the artwork of your packaging.

With our 3D packshots it is easier than ever to have your advertising campaign ready well in advance. Long before your products hit the shelves you can use the packshots in all of your marketing communications. It doesn’t get any more efficient!

Our 3D packshots are of a constant and high quality. We use the artwork to make the packshots, so they always have exactly the right colour and text and are perfectly legible. Also, you won’t have to deal with the wrinkles or scratches that you often see in packaging photography. We can make your 3D packshots move through animation techniques and where applicable we can leave certain elements of the artwork out and make others stand out (Hero Images)